Dive Deep into data

Nowadays, data management has become the key for businesses who wish to take it to the next level. Our fully automated solution changes everything.

Grow your Business Profitably

Advertisers only pay when they acquire a new customer. Combining data points, affiliates and media buying strategies our technology makes accurate predictions to maximize your ROI.

Curated inventory sources

The progression of buying. Access key publishers and premium inventory packaged according to specific target audiences and advertiser metrics.

About Us

“Aluna”, where ideas endure.
Aluna is an international digital marketing company that provides advertising solutions empowered by technology. Our brand is new but the brains behind it add up to more than 12 years of experience on Adtech industry.

Aluna, exist under three simple precedents: get things done, learn fast and be cool. Our team is dedicated to master and understand your business. We know that by building a relationship with each of our clients, we ensure effective communication and guarantee marketing strategies are construct with the sole focus of solving the challenges your business faces.

We are autonomous, flexible and personable. Aluna’s team delivers valuable results and global reach for brands from our offices across Latam and Asia.

We are committed to

  • Stay on top of the latest innovations in digital marketing.
  • Be a reliable growth Partner.
  • Highly analytical professional, prepare to guide your account on achieving the best results.
  • Be transparent. No baloney.
  • Grow your brand and expand your reach.
  • Maximise revenue.

Performance Marketing done right

Aluna,focus on long-term relationships with its clients. Advertisers can measure everything from the cost of acquisition to incrementality. More Sales, Leads, and Business Riskfree.

Our core specialties are

  • CPA:
    New sales for products & Online services.
  • CPL:
    High quality leads for your business. BOP services.
  • CPI:
    Boost your App & gain new users.
We are committed to providing sustainable outcomes by combining our top edge technology and a team of experts. For us is all about results. We understand that for getting a quality sale, lead or install it takes more than just a “good traffic source”. It is a combination of technology, effective media buying strategies, solid business relationships, and passionate data specialists what makes the wheel spin. The experience of our team comes from both sides of the chain: client & media. This helps us to understand both points of view and cover each of their needs in the best way. We run performance campaigns worldwide for global brands across multiple industry verticals. Aluna, works towards a common goal: provide top-notch advertisers the results they required.

Our Advantages

Detail selection of inventory sources
- Customized media planning strategies for each of our clients.
- Get exposed only to the best and most accurate channels that match your objectives.

Smart targeting
Our media planning dashboard allow us to provide smart targeting options advertisers are trying to reach.
+ Geos & Language
+ Specific demographics
+ Browser
+ Cross- channel targeting options
+ Operating System
+ Ad format (display, email, native, contextual)

Advance Optimization Algorithm
Meet Neutron, our new media buying solution responsible for building effective optimization process. Neutron is autonomous on testing and building analytical conclusions that help to boost results for our clients.

With Neutron our clients can: - Cap and frequency spend of budget
- A/B test for: landing pages, creatives, targeting.
- Create data points that bring analytics and insights for your brand to get the correct clients.

Programmatic Services

Aluna, provides programmatic solutions for marketers & brands.

Our core specialties are

  • Connect with Audiences at Scale
  • Smart Mix
  • Ad Fraud detection
  • Ad Experiences & custom targeting
  • Service Excellence
Aluna, provides programmatic solutions for marketers & brands. We participate on different stages of the process: plan, execute and report on digital media campaigns. We are compromised to help marketers drive value from their media dollars and build an advertising ecosystem that they can trust.

Our team of experts will work with you to meet all your KPIs as well activate marketing strategies that are unique to your brand. We do this by providing integrated services to help marketers achieve greater cost transparency, take advantage of their data and design audience-driven campaigns. Our approach is unique; we don’t arbitrage media, we integrate strategy, creative data, technology and analytics creating superior outcomes.

Connect with Audiences at Scale

Based on multiple layers of data science to enable marketers to deliver the right messages to the right consumers. Access worldwide audiences on mobile, desktop and CTV using media technology and the support of the most advanced media strategists.

Smart Mix

Delivering campaigns on the right moment to the most relevant audience demands a combination of tools: Curated inventories, Omni- channel targeting, creativity and data points selection. Aluna take in consideration all of these when executing a media planning for your campaigns.

Ad Fraud detection

Aluna, works with some of the top fraud Management System to mitigate the risk on fraudulent inventories. Anti-fraud solutions across display, video, in-app and CTV/ OTT. For securing the quality of the inventory we follow a strict certification process that will ensure that your advertising aligns with industry-leading quality standards. Our fraud protection tools will help you on getting full transparency on where and to who your ads were presented.

Automated Optimization

Your campaigns are continually optimized for delivery and performance by a dedicated Client Services team who uses our in- house algorithm Neutron to effectively purchase audiences at scale across digital media.

Ad Experiences & custom targeting

We enable you to plan programmatic ad campaigns across digital screens, Ad formats and channels from one platform. Access optimized native, display, In-App, video and CTV curated inventory. Precise targeting allows to execute digital advertising campaigns and accurately target your client’s audiences based on various data points: Geo’s, devices, demographics, browser, App/site, 3rd party data, IP.

Service Excellence

We do right by our clients. Successful campaigns require the ability to learn client’s objectives, get familiar with their tech, understand exactly what’s going on under the hood. Our customer service and account management teams are committed to offering the highest level of consultation and support. Aluna has dedicates teams that helps our clients achieve their goals. In their successes, we see our own.

CTV / OTT Monetization

TV sets are now becoming smart too.

Our core specialties are

  • Connecting Publishers with global demand
  • Brand Safety
  • Strategic Customer support
Aluna, is the strategic allied for CTV apps monetization. We provide an end to end solution covering all challenges any publisher can phase on this new transition: Platform integrations, constant and global demand, premium brands, real time reporting, creative and innovative Ad formats, accurate measures.

Connecting Publishers with global demand
Package your inventory according to specific audiences and connect directly with key buyers. Our supply monetization solution provides global access to our programmatic stalk that includes demand from our direct relationships, as well as hundreds of quality demand partners, including most major Supply side platforms (SSPs) and direct deals with top Ad buyers.

Brand Safety
Aluna, works with top Ad quality vendors to minimize your brand risk, protect your audience’s experience, and amplify supply value. Quality is our top priority as we are convinced best, and long-term relationship overcome from reliability. Brining better demand requires our supply partners to be align with industry-leading quality standards.

Strategic Customer support
Our team are all marketing experts train to build effective monetization strategies driven by technology and analytics. They are committed to deliver higher CPMs and yield. Make every impression counts on it maximize potential. Our publishers are hands on for the best partners, professional who guide them on set-up, as well as yield and revenue optimization support.



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